Mattress Louange

Couture Collection
The Tréca Louange mattress is an integral padded lateral mattress, hand-made, providing durability of the linings based on natural materials. Its suspension is made of Air Spring® pocket springs on which we have added 2 layers of mini Air Spring® springs in order to offer you pleasant comfort thanks to a progressive support point by point, adapting to your morphology and perfect sleeping independence. The lateral padding reinforces the stability and the holding of the mattress for a perfect maintenance of the linings over time. The degree of support is fully customisable, you can choose between firm, medium firm and very firm. We have selected the noblest materials: Baby Camel and Linen. However you can also chose from Baby Lama or Silk to personalise and adapt according to your comfort, preferences and needs, to offer you a peaceful night and a healing sleep. Your initials can be embroidered to personalise it and make it more attractive.

Thickness: 33 cm
Support: Medium-firm, Firm or Very Firm
Contact: Soft
Suspension: Air Spring®