Bellini 500 ml Refill

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The Bellini cocktail of the same name is one of the favorite drinks of Paolo Vranesa’s wife. It was for this cocktail in a beautiful place on Piazza San Marco in Venice that the maestro proposed to his wife. Years later, he dedicated one of his fragrances to the engagement, naming it after a memorable drink that witnessed an important event in their common history.

In a light floral-fruity composition, sweet and delicate notes of fruit are in harmony with elegant accents of flowers. The bergamot note is boldly set off by the bright notes of ginger. The bottom notes of vetiver and litsei kubeba refresh, awakening and creating a special mood. This fragrance will be the perfect complement to your home.

• Dimension: 500 ml.
• Olfactory pyramid:
– bergamot, jasmine, lily of the valley
– white grapes, peach, ginger
– litsey kubeba, vetiver
• Category: refill