SKU: УТ000017668

Verbena and Roses

Aroma composition

  • Top notes: citronella, lemon, verbena
  • Heart notes: rose
  • Base notes: cedar, rosewood

Size- B: 10,5 cm Ø: 9 cm
Weight- 270 g
Burning time- 55-60 hours

The masters of Cire Trudone characterized the era and life of the famous Marquise de Pompadour with a sweet, seductive and strong lemon-floral scent. The official favorite of King Louis XV of France, a trendsetter, patron of arts and patroness, she went down in history as an energetic woman who ruled destinies, entered into political alliances and even unleashed wars. But at the same time, an exquisite dessert is named after her, a type of hairstyle that is both luxurious and casual. It was she who instilled the Rococo style throughout the enlightened Europe of her time. She saved writers from poverty, encyclopedists from attacks. The Voltaire admired her.

Scented candle La Marquise is full of scents that symbolize luxury and passion (cedar, sandalwood, rose) but the severity of these powdery aromas is balanced by a light note of verbena, freshness of lemon balm and bright lemon.