The Impossible Collection of Wine

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The book was published by Assouline in collaboration with Enrico Bernardo, the world’s best sommelier, who presented his version of an ideal cellar filled with the most exceptional wines of the twentieth century.

Bernardo has compiled a list that a connoisseur can only dream of. To turn grapes into bottle poetry, the winemaker must be a kind of alchemist. Despite changes in technology and tastes over the past 100 years, the craft has remained largely unchanged; great wine remains the product of countless factors, not least the smile of providence.
In these pages, Bernardo celebrates the finest varieties around the world, from 1928 Krug champagne to 1951 Grange Bin 95 and 1973 SLA Leap Estate, taking the reader on a journey through history to enjoy the “impossible collection.” This luxurious handcrafted edition in wood drawer is a must-have for any true wine connoisseur’s library.

English language
Number of pages: 200