Assouline Opening

Assouline Opening

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, Domio opens the corner of Assouline Publishing.

Domio, as ambassadors of intellectual beauty, believe that the book is an essential part of the interior, and in case of Assouline it is also a piece of art. Under exquisite and eye-catching covers are entire worlds created by prominent artists, photographers, writers and designers.

Assouline is very excited to collaborate. «The expertise of Domio company within high-end interiors and links with the best global brands make them the perfect partners to expand on the Ukrainian market, which is very receptive to our aesthetics and the concept of our brand”, states Alexandre Assouline, Global Vice President at Assouline.

25 years ago, Prosper and Martina Assouline published their first book, La Colombe d’Or, about their favorite hotel in southern France. Thus began the history of Assouline Publishing, which for a quarter of a century has been synonymous with elegant and signature style, globally changing the look of modern publishing.

Now guests and partners of Domio will be able to get acquainted with an extensive library of exclusive collections of books about fashion, cooking, travel, architecture and design, carefully selected by our curators.We invite you to discover the “biographies” of Chanel and Dior, Cartier and Tiffany, the Ritz and Four Seasons hotels.Partners of the Assouline corner opening are: Club Med – the international hotels chain and Distil No9 by Staritsky&levitsky.